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Introduction to Fall 2022, Section B

Published onDec 01, 2022
Introduction to Fall 2022, Section B

This collaborative project explores the different ways that gender and sexuality have shaped culture and society throughout history, and how they continue to shape these things today. Making stopovers in ancient Greece, colonial Massachusetts, Victorian London, 1920s Japan, and present-day United States, the book examines topics ranging from pornography and reproductive rights to fashion, advertising, and witches.

Porn to be Free: An Exploration of Sex Work and Pornography

This section focuses on the history of pornography and sex work. While each student approaches these two topics from a different perspective, all of the chapters in this section focus on the evolution of sex work as a profession.

Female Focused Advertising: How Gender is Sold

This section focuses on the influence of gender on the marketing strategies advertising agencies employ in their efforts to influence female consumers.

Witches, Witch Trials, and Witch Hunts

Examining witches, witch trials, and witch hunts in 16th Century Salem, Massachusetts, and how “witch hunts” have been used as a tool of women’s oppression throughout history. 

Culture of Fashion: The Influence on Gender and Sexuality

This section analyzes the history of gender binary perceptions of clothing and emphasizes the exceptions that broke free from traditional gendered fashion norms.

Reproductive Rights: Sterilization of the Mind and Body

This section focuses on the U.S. government’s role in reproductive rights and how that influences parents’ role in sex education. It also focuses on Maraget Sanger’s journey and motivation of creating Planned Parenthood, as well as spreading her ideas of reproductive rights internationally.


We would like to thank Dr. Yarfitz and our superhero team of librarians, Kathy Shields, Kyle Denlinger, and Megan Mulder.

Thank you all for your help throughout the semester!

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